Ever wondered what makes a painter carryout his job so smooth and efficiently? Some might say, it’s the experience and expertise while others might tell it’s our staff that makes a difference or the techniques that we use produce precise results.

Operating for many years in this field of painting, I can assure you that without the right equipment, you will never be able to achieve the appropriate outcome required. Off course, you need practical experience, expertise, skilled personnel and better techniques. However, without the proper tools, you will never be able to produce the satisfying outcomes required.

In this blog, we will discuss 4 essential painting tools and how to pick the best ones for a smooth and efficient finish.

The accurate brushes for paintingbrushes

A painter is nothing without the brushes. It is essential to acquire the right brushes for a better painting finish. Ask any good commercial or domestic painting services in Melbourne and they will suggest you to get brushes that works equally well with both oil-base and water-base paints. Water-base paints dries out very quickly and rigidly sticks to the synthetic bristles of the brushes. It becomes difficult to remove the paint once it dries out. It is best to use Chinex brush to carry out the painting jobs. The paint rinses out easily leaving a brush that appears new every time.

Bigger painting trayspainting-trays

Paint trays are an essential tool. Instead of dipping straight into the can of paint, transferring a small quantity of the paint into the tray is smarter. This saves gallons of paints from contaminating or wasting away while you can use just enough paints to paint the entire wall surface.

The larger the trays are the wider the surface will be. This helps accommodate all sizes of rollers and brushes and you can use a greater volume of paints at once. While buying the tray, ensure it has built-in-handles that are easy to move, wider and has a stable base to prevent the paints from falling over. This is an insider tips and no domestic painting services in Melborune will ever tell you that!

Versatile ladders

Ladder is one of the most crucial tool that every painter needs. It is essential to get a reliable ladder that moves freely. The painter needs to feel confident and comfortable with it. A painter always wants to use the same ladder for each task. This helps them perform efficiently.

Buy ladders that has free side adjustment system. If you are one of those painters who carries out painting from the extreme heights, a giant ladder that gives you the option to extend up to 17ft long is the perfect fit. A good ladder should have the flexibility to be freely adjusted to different heights. On the other hand, when the ladder is fully stretched, it needs to be durable enough for the painter to feel confident when climbing it.

Role Pole

Carrying out interior wall paintings in Melbourne or anywhere in the world without a roll pole is unthinkable. It is an essential tool that is required to cover higher lengths that our hands cannot reach normally. For smooth interior wall paintings, you need poles that are durable and can be adjusted from 30 inch up to 5 ft long. Make sure you buy a pole that is flexible and the sizes can be adjusted freely without giving much effort.

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